The following data was pulled directly from our server logs on 2/25/18.

Our website client has been using a SEO vendor since September 9th, 2014.  Let’s take a look at their effectiveness.


4,624 Total website visitors for the month of January 2018. That seems great, but when you dig a little deeper… continue to the next chart below.


This chart shows robots/spiders and visitor duration.  Of the 4,624 total visitors – 4,146 (that’s 90%) visited the site for less than 30 seconds!!  This 90% represents bot traffic, not humans.  Bots do not purchase commercial real estate.


This chart shows the search keywords and key phrases that were used to find this client’s website.  Note the numbers low here.  Ineffective SEO boosts “site traffic” with bots.  At the end of the day, we are sure you would like humans that are potential prospects, buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, finding your website through generic search terms like “Baton Rouge LA commercial real estate”.


Finally Let’s look at this site’s page rank.  Using a generic search term that a prospective client might use who doesn’t know your name or your firm’s name.  Google search term “Baton Rouge LA commercial real estate”… The results are less than impressive.  4+ years of SEO and this client is at the bottom half of the third page.


Let Us Help You Select and Monitor

Now included with our all inclusive service, we now offer SEO selection consulting and monitoring to help you ensure you are receiving the best return on your SEO spend.

So What To Do for SEO?

For the above reasons, this is why we don’t offer SEO or claim to be SEO experts.  There are a variety of options that you can do for your website for free.  We’ll happily provide free guidance on this topic.

Still thinking about hiring an SEO expert?  Hire one that has been vetted.  The following providers from MOZ SEO are our recommended providers:

Another good option to consider is Google Adwords.  Read more about SEO vs Google Adwords here

Consider us part of your team from a technical standpoint.  We help our clients navigate internet marketing.