Our Model

Why our website as a service model is superior to the old way of procuring a website.

We provide constant care & support of your website. Behind the scene there’s software, servers and security that needs monitored and updated.  We’re also here to make front-end updates to your content, images and logos.  Plus we offer a completely new site with your annual renewal to keep your site modern and fresh.

With the old model of buying a website, you pay thousands up front, the developer builds your site then places it on a host and that’s it, it’s left there without supervision, without critical software updates and and generally no security to protect your domain from hacks.

On average 60,000 websites are hacked every day.  Nearly all attacks are done automatically using scripts or bots. Although unpleasant, getting hacked is usually not personal.

One of the more popular hacks involves this scheme.  Remote bots scan thousands of sites daily, looking to exploit software weaknesses (sites that haven’t been updated and without security).  After your site is hacked, they install pages containing affiliate links to illegal blackmarket items then register those pages with the search engines.  Using your domain’s good standing, these hackers will benefit with a weeks worth of referal traffic before your domain is blacklisted by all of the search engines.  After a site is compromised, you are left picking up the pieces which will include, hiring a security expert to clean your site, someone to get your domain name off the blacklist and you’ll have to hire someone to manage your site proactively going forward to prevent additional hacks.

We take care of your site and place serious measures in place to avoid hacking. 

You’ve heard the ole adage, you get what you pay for.  This applies to Websites and the services associated with them are no different.

With so many high profile websites being compromised nearly every day, and a new cybercrime story hitting the front page news nearly every week, we believe that our proactive website security is “the feature” new businesses will be looking for in choosing their web hosts in the future.


We confidently offer your business high quality premium website services because we have the needed team of experts in this profession in order to produce the results you expect for your business. What distinguishes us from others is that we offer you guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your layout, we will modify it until you are.


We work with individuals, boutique brokerages, regional firms and even large international brokerage firms. We understand what it takes to run a commercial real estate business, so rest assured that we’ll make the website design process an easy one for you.

One Low Fee Covers Everything

If you shop around, you will find many companies claim to offer similar services for thousands of dollars more. On the other hand, you will also find several false-hearted companies offering you web design for an unbelievably low cost. These companies really are “too good to be true”. They will either close down or provide bad customer service – either of which can be damaging for your business.

Our pricing is simple and reasonable. Unlike many other companies, we offer a better value for your money. No hidden charges.  We design, develop and host a new, custom website AND keep everything up to date for one fixed annual fee, so that you can budget accordingly.

Personal Attention

When you choose us, an experienced staff member will work with you personally through every phase of your project and also whenever you need any assistance.

Visual Appeal

Your site will have fast average download times to make a good first impression and to have your guest taking a seat and start surfing your website. Let us help you succeed with your customers.

Speed to Market

Time is of the essence not only with your business, but with your online presence.  Competitors may already have an advantage in the online marketplace. We will work efficiently and put intensive effort in to meet your tight schedule. Typical brokerage website development takes one week.


We are an ethical company.
We offer you more value for your money.
Our turn around time is always reasonable.
Our Website package is turnkey.
We understand Commercial Real Estate and Websites.