There are thousands of businesses making many millions a year in profits that still haven’t ever heard of twitter, blogs or facebook. Are they all wrong? Have they missed out or is the joke really on social media users? They do business through personal relationships, by delivering great customer service and it’s working for them. They’re more successful than most of those businesses who spend hours pontificating about how others lose out by missing social media and the latest wave. And yet they’re doing business. Great business. Not writing about it. Doing it.

We’re continually amazed by the number of people on Twitter and on blogs, and the growth of people (and brands) on facebook. We’re also amazed by how much collective time is spent on social media.

More megaphones don’t equal a better dialogue with your clients or prospective clients.

How many commissions can you attribute to your social media engagement? We’ve been in this business for over a decade and we have yet to hear about a deal that evolved from a tweet or facebook post.

We see a lot of younger new to the business agents wash out because they spend too much time in front of their computers and not enough time making phone calls, knocking on doors, and in-person networking.

The fundamental truth about our industry, commercial real estate is a relationship business, it always has been and always will be. So don’t fret about your lack of social media presence, and just make sure you show up where it matters.

If you’d like to maintain a presence on social media, we created a way to automate updates from your website to post automatically to your social media (facebook, linkedin and twitter). This has several benefits, you save time by eliminating redundant data entry, and your website benefits from the added content in terms of SEO.