Mobile phones are EVERYWHERE, what about mobile websites?

All websites created by our team are responsive.  Responsive design is a design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.


There are almost 6 billion mobile subscribers – that’s 87% of the global population!1

And these cell phones are being used for way more than talking.

Mobile search alone has grown 400% in the past year. Those numbers are only increasing with 85% of mobile devices to be web-enabled by 2014.2

But what makes customers searching from a phone different than people searching from their computer?

  • They have local intent! – 95% of US Smartphone users are local information seekers.
  • They take action! – 87% took some sort of action after looking up local content.
  • They visit in person! – 59% visited a local store after searching it on the mobile web.
  • They spend money! – 44% made a purchase online or at a store after mobile search.
  • They want mobile optimized sites! – Sites should be fast and simple to navigate. Unfortunately 79% of large online advertisers fail to have a mobile optimized site.

So if the big online advertisers are not getting mobile marketing right, what can a local small business owner do?

Get ahead of the curve… Build a Mobile Site!

Now is the time to take action and build a true mobile site designed specifically for mobile search!

If you already have a website you might be wondering,

“Why do I need a responsive website for smart phones and mobile devices?”

Mobile users want and need different things…

  • Their screen is much smaller so they need less text and more easy to see icons.
  • They have specific wants so make it easy for them to quickly take action
  • They have slower page load times and don’t want to pay more for extra usage from heavy graphics.
  • Finally, mobile devices show information differently. For example, a fancy Flash file that looks good on a computer won’t even show on the millions of iPhone, iPad, and iTouch products. Do you want all these users to see nothing but a white screen?

But isn’t building a mobile site expensive?

With technology comes efficiency. Our company can build a mobile site with up to 5 pages for under $300 with monthly hosting costs as low as $10 month.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss a plan to increase your business with local mobile search! You can have your mobile site up and running in as little as 72 hours!

Mobile Web Statistic Sources:
1Statistics on world mobile subscribers obtained from International Telecommunication Union ICT 2013 Facts and Figures
2Statistics on mobile search obtained from The Mobile Movement Study, GOOGLE™ Insights/Ipsos OTX MediaCT Apr 2013