You might be thinking that if you build a Web site, people will come…  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Instead, you need to go find your audience. You need to tell them that you exist and give them a reason to care. You need to get your hands dirty.

So where do you start? If I was a brokerage owner trying to build buzz for my site, here’s where my focus would be. You let me know if I missed anything.

Build Buzz for Your Brokerage

As soon as your site is up, start talking about it. Everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

  • Add the link to your email signature.
  • Get a promo blurb put in industry newsletters.
  • Get the local Chamber of Commerce to put a mention on their site.
  • Talk about it on social media outlets.
  • Get your business cards with the logo and URL of your new company and hand them out to the people you meet.
  • Write a press release and get in the hands of your local newspaper (also promote it online via services like PR Web).
  • Stop by other local businesses and tell them what you’re doing.

The more you talk about your site, the more excitement you’re going to build over the launch. Excitement and buzz mean visitors.